4 Causes of Alprazolam Addiction

4 causes of Alprazolam addictionAlprazolam is used to treat anxiety disorders and panic attacks. It is an addictive substance, but more than the physical properties of the drug are required for addiction to occur. The following are four possible causes of alprazolam addiction.

Genetics Can Cause to Alprazolam Addiction

Everyone is a product of their family. If your parents or anyone else in your family has ever struggled with an addiction, you may also be a candidate for addiction. If your parents smoked, you are more likely to smoke. If your parents drank, you are more likely to drink. The same goes for prescription drugs. If your parents were ever addicted to a prescription drug like alprazolam, you are also more likely to become addicted.

Personality and Mental Disorders Can Cause Alprazolam Addiction

Individuals with specific personality types or mental health issues are prone to chemical dependence. Depression, anxiety and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder all put people at a higher risk for addiction. Even common personality characteristics like aggression and low self-esteem can contribute to addiction.

Everyone wants to feel good physically and emotionally. A drug addiction can take that from you, making you feel less than human. Most drug addictions begin when the user takes drugs as a substitute for good everyday experiences. When the user feels down or low, they may take drugs to get a momentary “better” feeling. Anxiety can also cause a struggle for ordinary people. Simple things become too much to handle, and drug use as a means of self-medication becomes appealing. The drug causes users to feel at ease and relaxed but only provides temporary relief.

Social Pressure Can Cause Alprazolam Addiction

Peer pressure is a problem that has continued to persist over the years. People are hard wired to develop relationships, and everyone wants to fit in, especially at a young age. Drug use can begin with trying to fit in with others who use. Alprazolam can slowly develop into a habit and then addiction.

Easy Access Can Cause Alprazolam Addiction

Access to prescription medication like alprazolam has become the most common reason an addiction begins. You can begin with getting high once, and, because access to the drug is so simple, you may continue to get high until an addiction is formed. Drugs and drug abuse can be found in shopping malls, rural and private schools, on the job and in a variety of other common locations.

Need Alprazolam Addiction Treatment?

If you are seeking help for alprazolam addiction for either yourself or a loved one, call our toll-free helpline today. Counselors are standing by 24 hours a day to help you begin your recovery journey. Don’t wait until it’s too late. Call today!

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