5 Reasons to Get Clean from Alprazolam

5 reasons to get clean from AlprazolamAlprazolam is a drug used to treat anxiety disorders and panic attacks. It reduces or inhibits brain activity believed to contribute to or cause these types of disorders. Although using this drug in small doses can help relieve symptoms, prolonged use can cause addiction. Getting relief from anxiety is important, but using too much of the drug for too long is dangerous. If you’ve developed a dependency on alprazolam, there are many reasons to get clean from the drug, five of which are listed below.

Get Clean from Alprazolam and Avoid Dangerous Drug Interactions

If you or someone you know uses alprazolam, it is important to know that dangerous drug interactions are possible. Since alprazolam slows brain activity, combining it with other brain inhibitors such as alcohol or narcotics can intensify the effects of all drugs involved. These lethal combinations can slow breathing or heart rate to fatal levels and may exacerbate the symptoms of anxiety, reinforcing a user’s perceived “need” for the drug. This drug also reacts with other medication used for common problems like Nizoral shampoos for dandruff and Tagamet for heartburn. Getting clean from Alprazolam can mean a safer life.

Get Clean from Alprazolam for Family Planning

If you take alprazolam for anxiety and are considering getting pregnant, you could be putting your unborn baby at risk. Alprazolam is known to cause abnormalities in a developing fetus. Doctors strongly recommend using birth control while taking this drug, and if you become pregnant while using alprazolam you need to notify your doctor right away. Healthy babies start with health pregnancies, and a healthy pregnancy is a drug-free pregnancy.

Get Clean from Alprazolam for Breast Feeding

Not only can alprazolam cause birth defects, it is also harmful to infants on breast milk. Alprazolam passes through the mother’s body into the breast milk, and even a small amount of this drug can be dangerous to an infant. If you are breast feeding and using alprazolam, talk to your doctor right away about getting clean from this drug. If you want to nurse, get clean from alprazolam before getting pregnant.

Get Clean from Alprazolam for Everyday Safety Concerns

Older patients taking alprazolam are more susceptible to falls and broken bones. This usually happens because the sedative effects of the drug last longer in older patients. Patients who suffer from dizziness or have mobility issues may find their problems worsen when taking this medication. Getting clean from alprazolam allows doctors to determine the cause of problems without the additional symptoms caused by alprazolam.

Get Clean from Alprazolam to Avoid Long-Term Side Effects

As with other drugs, using alprazolam for long periods of time or at too high a dose can cause serious side effects. Some of these side effects include the following:

  • Unusual risk taking behaviors which can lead to injury or even death
  • Depression
  • Seizures
  • Tremors
  • Jaundice

Weighing the benefits of the drug as opposed to the side effects is important. Using the drug as directed by a physician for the right amount of time can be an effective treatment for anxiety, but dependence and addiction can complicate and ultimately ruin your life. Getting clean from alprazolam means not having to worry about dangerous side effects and the possibility of addiction.

Find Help Getting Clean from Alprazolam

If you or someone you love wants to get clean from alprazolam, we can help. Call our toll-free helpline 24 hours a day. Caring and knowledgeable counselors will take your call and talk to you about addiction and recovery options. This is your opportunity to break the cycle.

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