Alprazolam Abuse in Africa

Alprazolam Abuse in AfricaAlprazolam (more commonly known by the brand name Xanax) is a common medication that is used to treat anxiety in many parts of the world. However, even though alprazolam is prescribed to many individuals who use it for its intended purposes, there are individuals who intentionally misuse it, and find themselves abusing and becoming addicted to it. Alprazolam abuse can not only lead to a serious addiction, but also cause side effects such as central nervous system depression, memory loss, attention problems, and a loss of coordination.

Alprazolam in Africa

The Dangers of Benzos

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Africa is made up of all different kinds of countries – some impoverished, some middle of the road, some wealthy. Within the more developed countries, such as South Africa, are problems with prescription drug abuse, including the abuse of alprazolam. In addition to South Africa, countries such as Madagascar and Mauritius also struggle with the abuse of tranquilizers like alprazolam. Some of the many reasons why Africans throughout the continent abuse alprazolam include the following:

  • Distribution – Those looking to buy, sell, and trade alprazolam can do so easily within the borders of South Africa because, as the hub of the continent, it receives a strong and steady distribution of the drug.
  • Money – There are many parts of Africa that are in extreme economic crisis, leaving Africans to make a living any way they can. As alprazolam abuse is currently on the rise throughout the continent, Africans can begin participating in buying and selling these pills to make a profit. However, many Africans find themselves experimenting with the drugs they are selling, leading to additional alprazolam abuse.
  • Stress – Throughout Africa, there is consistent and heavy social and economic stress that reaches from the wealthiest individuals to the poorest. This everyday form of stress can cause Africans to look for new ways to relax and decompress. Through the use of alprazolam, many individuals find this release. Unfortunately, using alprazolam every time stress occurs can cause Africans to develop negative drug-taking behaviors that can exacerbate their alprazolam abuse.

Many African countries face socio-economic challenges, including political and personal financial stress, driving many Africans to sell drugs such as Alprazolam to help support themselves and their loved ones.

Treatment for Alprazolam Abuse in Africa

Even though alprazolam abuse occurs in many different parts of the continent, there are not always treatment centers readily available to help treat Africans struggling with this disease. However, in South Africa, there are many resources that can help Africans end their alprazolam abuse. Not only does South Africa have their own Narcotics Anonymous chapter, but they also have facilities that can help with detox and related issues through Dual Diagnosis treatment. Those who live in Africa and need alprazolam abuse treatment would benefit greatly from seeking help in South Africa, where the resources are plentiful.

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