Alprazolam Addiction and Malnutrition

Alprazolam Addiction and MalnutritionAlprazolam, which is marketed under the brand name Xanax, is a potent and fast acting benzodiazepine sedative. A faster onset of action increases a drug’s popularity among recreational users. Availability also increases the chance that a drug will be abused. Illicit supplies of prescription drugs like alprazolam come not from illegal manufactures but from diversion of prescriptions onto the black market. Alprazolam is the most commonly prescribed benzodiazepine and is also the most widely abused.

Alprazolam is highly addictive, and addiction can occur very rapidly. Addiction often leads to serious health consequences, including malnutrition. Once addiction occurs, it is very difficult to stop using the drug, and the consequences tend to increase. Alprazolam addiction is a very destructive condition and requires professional treatment to be overcome.

Alprazolam Addiction May Contribute to Poor Eating Habits

Alprazolam causes side effects that often contribute directly to poor eating habits, lack of proper diet and malnutrition. These include the following:

  • Loss of appetite
  • Nausea and vomiting
  • Gastro-intestinal problems, such as irritable bowel syndrome

Continual use of alprazolam means that the addict will experience these symptoms on a regular basis. A chronic loss of appetite and digestive problems will naturally lead to insufficient caloric intake, weight loss and malnutrition.

Addicts Often Suffer from Poor Overall Health

People who are addicted to powerful sedative drugs like alprazolam often suffer from poor overall health. Addiction typically takes over the life of the individual and becomes his or her primary focus. Addicts tend to neglect basic needs, such as proper diet and personal hygiene. Being constantly in an alprazolam induced state of sedation, addicts often simply do not bother to eat right. Addicts tend to not eat enough, and when they do eat, it is often the wrong things, giving in to cravings for sweets and junk food rather than eating a healthy, balanced diet.

Treatment for Alprazolam Addiction

The most important thing to know about alprazolam addiction is that it absolutely must be treated professionally. Alprazolam addiction can cause numerous serious consequences to the health and life of the user. Alprazolam is unlikely to cause fatal overdose on its own, but alprazolam combined with alcohol may cause fatal overdose. Withdrawal symptoms from alprazolam detox can be severe and life threatening; detoxing on your own is extremely hazardous and should not be attempted. Treatment professionals know the best way to taper the dosage gradually and reduce the severity of withdrawal symptoms. Medical personnel will monitor the patient’s condition and address any medical complications that arise.

If you are addicted to alprazolam, it is imperative that you seek treatment immediately. Addiction is a progressive disease. The longer you continue to use, the worse it will become, and the harder it will be to stop. The length and severity of benzodiazepine withdrawal are directly related to the duration and extent of the addiction; in other words, those who take high doses of alprazolam for an extended period of time are likely to experience the most severe and longest lasting withdrawal symptoms.

If you would like help finding treatment for alprazolam addiction, or if you have any questions about alprazolam addiction, withdrawal, treatment and recovery, call us. Our helpline is toll free, and counselors are available 24 hours a day to answer any questions you may have and to help you find the treatment you need.

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