Alprazolam Relapse

Alprazolam relapseAlprazolam is a medication prescribed to treat anxiety disorders and panic disorders. Alprazolam is also a highly abused and addictive drug. Individuals enjoy the euphoric feeling that alprazolam initially produces and may begin to chase the feeling by taking more of the drug; and before they know it, they’re addicted. Once a drug addict admits they have a problem, finds treatment and recovers in a treatment center, they must still face the challenges of relapse.

What is Alprazolam Relapse?

A relapse occurs when a recovering addict reverts back to using alprazolam again. Recovering from an addiction to drugs has many challenges and at times it can be very difficult to navigate through conflicting feelings. This cycle of quitting, withdrawal, treatment, craving and relapse is very hard on the addict’s self-esteem and confidence in their ability to have a drug-free life. Taking measures to prevent relapse is key.

It is important to understand some of the common causes of relapse:

  1. Cravings – Cravings can be one of the biggest reasons that individuals relapse. Cravings can be both physical and psychological in nature.
  1. Stress – Addicts use alcohol and drugs as a way to deal with their stress. After they have recovered, the stresses of life will still be there and can trigger the desire to fall back into old habits.
  1. Loss of Judgment – After quitting drugs, individuals are dealing with a range of emotions such as anger, anxiety and confusion. These strong emotions can lead to loss of judgment, which then triggers a relapse.
  1. Going Back to Old Social Circles – In many scenarios, friends and certain social environments were a contributing factor to becoming addicted to drugs in the first place. After becoming sober, it can feel lonely which could lead to calling up old friends and slipping back to destructive habits.
  1. Losing Control – A recovering addict may feel like they have accomplished so much that they can now use drugs “recreationally” or drink “socially.” Next thing they know, they’ve lost control and are in a full relapse.

Alprazolam Relapse Prevention

Relapse does not have to happen. One of the best ways to prevent alprazolam relapse is to recover at a drug treatment center that focuses on relapse prevention as a key element of recovery. Relapse prevention teaches individuals to recognize their own high risk situations and to plan for avoiding and coping with those situations. It enhances self-control and gives the recovering addict tools to overcome anticipated challenges.

It is also effective to continue to receive ongoing help after you’ve finished treatment. Aftercare helps individuals stay on course and continue to utilize the lessons learned during rehab. It gives them a place to process and discuss challenges they are facing in their new drug-free lives.

After Alprazolam Relapse

If you feel yourself slipping back into alprazolam addiction, you can still regain control and prevent a full drug relapse. It is vital that you talk to a trusted friend or counselor immediately. You can use this mistake as a learning experience to prevent it from happening again. Don’t give up hope – you can still turn things around.

Alprazolam Relapse Help

If you would like to talk to someone about what to do if you relapse, please call our toll free number. Trusted counselors are available 24 hours a day to speak with you about ending your addiction to drugs once and for all.

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