Alprazolam Use on College Campuses

Alprazolam Use on College CampusesPrescription drug abuse is a growing problem on college campuses. According to two studies lead by Dr. Sean Esteban McCabe at the University of Michigan, young adults between the ages of 18 and 24 are at an especially high risk for abusing prescription drugs and alcohol. College students, who are already at a high risk for drinking problems, may obtain pharmaceuticals through prescriptions, online pharmacies, fellow students, street vendors and other sources. Some college students abuse pharmaceuticals at parties, while others use them as an unhealthy way to handle stress.

Alprazolam, also known by the brand name Xanax, is a substance many college students abuse for its pleasant, calming effects. It is prescribed to treat anxiety, depression, the fear of open spaces and premenstrual syndrome. Alprazolam can lower a person’s inhibitions and cause dizziness and sleepiness; it is habit forming and should be used with caution. Users should not take alprazolam more often, in larger quantities or for longer periods of time than suggested by a doctor. College students who use alprazolam legally may sell their pills to other students. When misused in combination with other substances, such as alcohol, it can cause dangerous interactions that may lead to death. Other risks associated with alprazolam addiction include damage to the liver, kidneys and respiratory system.

When Should College Students Seek Alprazolam Rehab?

If you fear that you or a college student you know is addicted to alprazolam, then watch for the following signs that indicate addiction:

  • Spending money needed for other expenses, such as textbooks, school supplies or tuition, on alprazolam
  • Abusing alprazolam despite negative consequences, such as social isolation or poor academic performance
  • Missing class due to symptoms such as nausea, vomiting, sedation, blurred vision, headache or dizziness

Seek professional help if you or someone you know demonstrates any of these signs. Seeking help during the early stages of addiction gives users a greater chance for long-term recovery.

Alprazolam Addiction Treatment for College Students

Stopping alprazolam use abruptly is dangerous, especially if the user has abused alprazolam for a long period of time. To combat these difficult addictions, rehab patients need medically supervised detox, an important aspect of treatment. The first step of recovery is to allow the patient’s body to release the toxins that accumulated from excessive alprazolam use. Detox can last a few days to a few weeks, and it helps patients overcome physical cravings. After detox, patients attend counseling sessions and other forms of therapy that help them overcome psychological addiction. To achieve long-term recovery, patients must receive treatment for both physical and psychological addiction.

Help Finding Alprazolam Addiction Treatment

If you or someone you love suffers from alprazolam addiction, call our toll-free help today to reach a rehab admissions coordinator. They can connect you to treatment centers with programs that are right for you or your loved one. They are available 24 hours a day to take your call, so don’t hesitate to call us right now.

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