Am I Too Old for Alprazolam Addiction Recovery?

Am I Too Old for Alprazolam Addiction Recovery?Some believe that there is no need for older adults to consider making the necessary changes to attain a better life, but such changes could improve their quality of life, health, and relationships. When a senior citizen is suffering from an addiction, his or her prompt recovery is just as important as that of any other group of the population. There are solutions for older adults who struggle with alprazolam addiction, and a number of available treatment options are available.

Senior Citizens and Addiction

It is a fact that old age and stress often exist together. Common situations and struggles of advanced age can sometimes lead to a sense of discomfort and dissatisfaction with life. This, in turn, creates a stressful environment that can lead to a search for a way to feel more relaxed. Some of the most common causes of substance abuse in senior citizens are the following:

  • Feeling left alone — The death of close friends and the abandonment of family members, as well as not being able to socialize as before, can make elderly individuals feel alone.
  • Physical and psychological issues — The limitations of advanced age, depression, and concerns for the future can cause various physical and psychological issues.
  • Sickness and impairments — Chronic diseases and disabilities appear with the passing of years and may require medical attention and procedures.
  • Retirement – Some experience feelings of worthlessness when working days are over after many years of being a professional.

These are only some examples of why many senior citizens fall into an addiction.

Alprazolam Abuse and Addiction

Alprazolam, which is commonly known by the brand name Xanax, is a prescription drug in the family of benzodiazepines and is used for the treatment of anxiety and panic attacks. It works as a sedative and relaxant by slowing down brain activity. By slowing down excess activity in the brain, alprazolam treats psychiatric disorders such as anxiety. The side effects of Xanax abuse can go from simple drowsiness to seizures in the most serious cases. Constant use for a prolonged period of time can lead a person to take more of this drug to achieve the original effects, increasing the risk of death by overdose.

Treatment Options for Senior Citizens with Addiction

A specialized approach includes the following:

  • Strategies to deal with stress and negative emotions through therapy
  • Counseling for the entire family to help them provide support to the patient
  • Certified staff members trained to care for the needs of older adults
  • Close supervision and aftercare attention following rehabilitation

Rehabilitation facilities and therapists who focus on the older population can greatly help elderly individuals achieve a complete recovery.

Alprazolam Addiction Recovery

A fulfilling and addiction-free life can be enjoyed no matter what age. Rehab for adults who are struggling with stressful situations are designed to be flexible and useful. For free advice and information on overcoming addiction, call our toll-free, 24 hour helpline. We can provide you with the assistance you need regarding rehabilitation centers, intervention services, family counseling, insurance coverage, and more. Call today; it is never too late to achieve recovery.

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