Can Alprazolam Cause a Mental Health Relapse?

Can Alprazolam Cause a Mental Health Relapse?

Alprazolam and Mental Health Relapse

Mental health conditions require constant effort to manage successfully. Individuals must adhere to a strict medication schedule and behavior management if they wish to keep themselves from a mental health relapse. Many substances, though, affect the brain in a way that can counter those efforts.

Alprazolam is a benzodiazepine, used for the treatment of anxiety disorders. While Alprazolam is a beneficial prescription medication, it is still a chemical substance that has the potential to alter the brain and trigger mental health issues and several other effects. Therefore, using Alprazolam, whether it be for legitimate medical issues or recreational purposes, can put an individual at risk to suffer a relapse of a controlled mental health condition.

Can You Use Alprazolam if You are Treating Another Mental Health Condition?

One major way to avoid adverse effects and mental health relapse when taking a prescription drug is to be upfront with the treating medical professional. Discussing any prior or continuing health conditions, symptoms, and medications being used will give the healthcare professional the information he needs to administer the most appropriate and risk-free prescription. Doctors can do their best to avoid causing poor side effects when they are given important information such as having a history of drug abuse, depression, insomnia and more.

Following a doctor’s prescription for Alprazolam use is important, even if the responsible use of a drug may cause risk for relapse. If a person allows anxiety issues to perpetuate, the mental health issue will likely lead to self-medication, substance abuse, and a wide-range of adverse side effects. When anxiety issues go untreated, they will too alter the brain’s normal chemistry and can disrupt the recovery of another mental health issue being managed. There is more of a chance that an untreated, or self-treated, anxiety issue will trigger a mental health relapse or other adverse conditions than if a person were to responsibly follow a doctor’s prescription for using Alprazolam to treat the anxiety issues right away.

Preventing Mental Health Relapse While Treating Anxiety

Alprazolam is a prescription drug intended for short-term use. Therefore if a person follows the doctor’s prescriptions to a tee, he can hopefully manage the anxiety symptoms as-needed, without causing too much interference in the brain’s natural function. Furthermore, if a doctor knows exactly how much and how often a person is using Alprazolam, they can alter the prescription or turn to other treatment options if undesirable symptoms arise.

Again, if a doctor is aware that an individual has depression, he can provide the user with a list of symptoms and warning signs to watch out for. That way, drug use can cease right away without causing too much damage.

Patients who abuse Alprazolam have a high chance of triggering mental health relapse as well as causing several other serious issues. Alprazolam, like other benzodiazepines, works directly on the brain’s central nervous system. The drug’s abuse is known to cause mood swings, depression, rebound anxiety, and sleep difficulties.

Recovery Options for Both Drug Abuse and Mental Health Relapse

If your drug abuse problem has gotten so bad that you have put your mental health at risk, you most likely need professional help to stop your self-destructive habits. Co-occurring drug use and mental health problems are common and many people find recovery where they can successfully manage their mental health condition while maintaining sobriety.

If you would like to learn more about your options for co-occurring drug abuse and mental health issues, you may call our toll-free number for help from a recovery professional. Whether you still have questions and need information, or are ready to find the treatment options that will work for you, we are happy to assist you. Our recovery professionals are available 24 hours a day in order to provide you with credible, professional assistance, without judgment. We are here to help you find recovery, however we can; so if you’re ready, give us a call today.

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