Cultural Issues Related to Alprazolam Addiction

Cultural Issues Related to Alprazolam AddictionAlprazolam is one of the most commonly abused substances in the US, as it is often easy to obtain a prescription and is also readily available on the streets. While this country is made up of numerous cultures, aspects of conglomerate American culture can be found in many different groups nationwide.

Culture and Alprazolam Addiction

The US has many cultural norms that are extremely positive. US culture embraces political freedom, equal opportunity employers and the right to free speech, which many people enjoy. While these norms have played a great deal in the foundation of our country, negative cultural norms have also led to the development of personal issues, such as alprazolam addiction. Some of the many reasons alprazolam addiction is prevalent in many US cultures include the following examples:

  • Media influence – US culture is strongly driven by its media, as the use of television, radio, web access and print are in high demand. Media itself often portrays ideas that American society strives to live up to, but this often causes people considerable anxiety and stress when they can’t get their lifestyles to match what they see in the media. Therefore, people may abuse alprazolam to drown out any failures related to having a “socially unacceptable” measure of success.
  • Career stress – Having a career is often necessary to be respected in the US, so many Americans strive to achieve success on a regular basis in their jobs. Driven by money and recognition, these employees often work themselves too hard as a result of maintaining a respected status. This can often lead people to develop work-related stress that they attempt to relieve through alprazolam abuse.
  • Peer pressure – Fitting in with others is a common cultural pressure in the US, as having friends and keeping connections is highly regarded. Therefore, those who are pressured into using drugs like alprazolam might use in hopes that their peers will accept them. Unfortunately, continuing in this type of behavior can encourage the development of an addiction.

The media, career stress and peer pressure are all cultural norms found in the US that can cause individuals to abuse alprazolam to cope with stressors or please those around them. Get help today if this describes you or if you are already addicted to this powerful drug.

Alprazolam Addiction Treatment

It is difficult to see past the many cultural norms that the United States has, but nothing, including alprazolam, is worth risking your life. Luckily, the US offers many influential and effective treatment programs that can help you end your alprazolam use. Through psychotherapy, you can learn about the causes of your abuse and develop coping skills to prevent a relapse in the future.

Help for Alprazolam Addiction

Call our toll-free, 24 hour helpline right now to get the treatment you need to stop using alprazolam. Do not waste one more day battling an addiction; call us now for instant support.

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