How Alprazolam Abuse Can Mask Antisocial Personality Disorder

How Alprazolam Abuse Can Mask Antisocial Personality DisorderAlprazolam, which is also known by the name Xanax, is a drug used to treat anxiety disorders and panic disorders. The drug works by slowing down chemicals in the brain that produce feelings of anxiety. This results in a calming effect in an individual’s overall behavior. If taken improperly, alprazolam can lead to addiction. A person who is addicted often shows common behavioral symptoms, including the following:

  • Lying or other deceptive behavior
  • Lack of emotional response or emotional blunting
  • Lack of responsibility toward tasks
  • Poor performance in school or work, including loss of job
  • Poor personal hygiene and physical appearance
  • Withdrawal from friends and family
  • Stealing or borrowing money from loved ones
  • Unexplained loss of valuables
  • Hostile behaviors toward loved ones, including blaming others

Unfortunately, some of these behaviors also characterize a person who suffers from an antisocial personality disorder. This psychological disorder is identified by a pervasive pattern of disregard for others and a pattern of violating the rights of others. Common symptoms of antisocial personality disorder include the following:

  • Deceiving others, such as lying and using aliases, for personal gain or to get money
  • Using charm or wit to deceive others
  • Failure to follow the law by repeatedly doing things that could get one arrested
  • Irritability and aggressiveness
  • Reckless disregard for the needs of self and others
  • Irresponsibility marked by an inability to obtain and sustain a job or maintain personal finances
  • Lack of remorse for hurting another
  • Poor or abusive relationships

While one or two of these characteristics might describe any person at any given point in time, the combination of these traits demonstrated over an extended period of time indicates antisocial personality disorder.

Concurrent Diagnosis of Addiction and Antisocial Personality Disorder

Many of the behavioral markers for alprazolam addiction also describe a person with an antisocial personality disorder. For instance, an alprazolam addict may be arrested often. He or she will likely steal from others to get more alprazolam. An alprazolam addict may struggle to keep a job, be hostile and defensive toward others and lie and deceive, all of which mark an antisocial personality disorder. This complicates diagnosis and recovery.

Fortunately, many treatment centers specialize in concurrent or co-occurring disorders, such as alprazolam addiction and antisocial personality disorder. Professionals can distinguish between an addiction and a psychological disorder and can treat them at the same time during the course of recovery.

Getting Help for Alprazolam Addiction

If you are struggling with an alprazolam addiction, you are not alone. Many others have recognized a problem and have started on the road to recovery. We can help you begin that journey too. Call our toll-free number; we are available 24 hours a day. You will be able to speak to an addiction recovery specialist who can talk with you about the treatment options that are best suited for your situation. You do not have to continue in the downward spiral of alprazolam addiction. Take the first step and call us today.

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