How Dangerous Is Alprazolam Abuse?

How dangerous is alprazolam abuse?Alprazolam is a drug prescribed to treat anxiety disorders and panic attacks. It works by reducing or inhibiting certain brain activity. Anxiety relief is important for those suffering from panic or anxiety disorders, but continuing to use alprazolam for extended periods of time can lead to worsening anxiety or life threatening consequences.

A study conducted by Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Association (SAMHSA) found that benzodiazepines, a class of drugs that includes alprazolam, were the most abused prescription drugs. The same study found that 35% of drug-related visits to the emergency room were associated with the misuse of benzodiazepines.

Alprazolam and Dangerous Interactions

Alprazolam works to slow brain activity, so combining it with other central nervous system depressants such as alcohol or narcotics can intensify the effects of the drug, slowing breath rate and heart rate while exacerbating anxiety symptoms. Alprazolam also reacts negatively with medications used for common problems such as dandruff or heartburn.

Physical Risks Associated with Alprazolam Use

Alprazolam puts users at physical risk for the following:

  • Broken bones or loss of mobility. Those who abuse alprazolam are likely to experience dizziness due to the sedative effects of the drug. Dizziness leads to broken bones, and individuals with pre-existing mobility issues may find these problems exacerbated.
  • Decreased respiration. Alprazolam users with lung disease or difficult breathing are at particular risk for dangerously low respiration rates.
  • Seizures or tremors. These side effects can make it impossible to drive, work and participate in everyday activities.
  • Pregnancy complications. Alprazolam is considered a category D medication which means it is unsafe for use during pregnancy and breastfeeding.

In addition to these side effects, alprazolam causes unusual risk taking behavior which can lead to injury or even death.

Emotional Damage from Alprazolam Abuse

The Dangers of Benzos

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The emotional effects of alprazolam abuse may dramatically impact the rest of your life. These psychological dangers may include the following:

  • Alprazolam makes it difficult to interact with loved ones, and friends and family don’t want to be around those who are consistently “zoned out” on drugs
  • Alprazolam decreases cognitive function
  • Alprazolam may cause depression or worsen pre-existing depression
  • Alprazolam abuse can cause sudden changes in behavior such as extreme agitation, aggression or sleeplessness
  • Alprazolam can lead to phobia, nightmares, hallucinations or psychosis

These psychological effects can be irreversible, so it’s important that you get the help you need to deal with your addiction now.

Financial Damage from Alprazolam Abuse

There are financial consequences to alprazolam abuse. Users may lose jobs or get passed over for promotion. Purchasing alprazolam becomes more important than paying bills or buying food. Desperate measures may be taken to acquire the drug. According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse, addicted parents put their children’s financial future at long-term risk. There are also legal costs involved with drug abuse. Alprazolam abuse can lead to arrest, fines and jail time. Legal troubles are costly, and the overall impact of alprazolam on your finances can be shattering.

Help Ending Alprazolam Abuse

Get the help you need to get clean from alprazolam. Don’t continue to risk your health, you happiness and your life. We are available 24 hours a day to talk to you about alprazolam, abuse and recovery options. Our toll-free helpline will connect you to caring and knowledgeable counselors. Don’t hesitate to get the help you need, call now.

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