How Do I Tell My Friends That I Don’t Want to Use Alprazolam Any More?

How Do I Tell My Friends That I Don't Want to Use Alprazolam Any More?Friends are supposed to be there through thick and thin and always offer an arm for you to lean on. Chances are that you have friends like that in your life, but you may also have friends with whom you are not that close. When it comes to talking about stopping alprazolam addiction, find ways to approach your friends with the concise message that you want to get sober.

Talking to Friends about Alprazolam Addiction

Admitting to alprazolam addiction may sound extremely stressful, especially when you are unsure of how your friends will react. Chances are that they already know something is off with you, and your honesty will most likely be received with open arms. Consider the following tips before discussing your alprazolam abuse with your friends:

  • Get your confidence: Having an alprazolam addiction can feel demoralizing. You feel dependent on a drug rather than yourself, and this can create confidence issues. The most important thing to do when you are ready to approach your friends is to tell yourself that you are stronger than you think. Telling yourself that it takes more bravery to admit a problem and find solutions is more powerful than any drug. Boost your ego by saying this to yourself, and begin shedding any shame you may have.
  • Speak the truth: When talking to your friends, do not sugarcoat anything. Let them know how your addiction has damaged you, how you are bothered with how it affects others and how you want to get better. Explain to them why this is so important to you.
  • Ask for support: Everyone will react differently to your news. There is a chance that some of your friends may be angry with you, making it difficult to count on their support. Despite your friends’ reactions, ask them for support in your path to sobriety. Tell them that you want them along for the ride to help you through this time. By including them, you show how much you care for them and are allowing them to be the friends they should be.

Regardless of what any of your friends say, it is important that you stick to your guns and move forward with treatment. Chances are that you will receive some positive feedback and support, but always be prepared for negative feelings or dissatisfaction. Do not let these emotions lead you to think that using drugs will solve your problems. You are telling them that you want to get sober, not asking them.

Help with an Alprazolam Addiction

Call our toll-free, 24 hour helpline right now to get the jump start you need for sobriety. Do not waste one more day on alprazolam use. Call us today for immediate support.

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