How Has Alprazolam Addiction Touched Your Life?

How Has Alprazolam Addiction Touched Your Life?A person addicted to alprazolam can experience many different consequences, both mentally and physically. However, some of the most alarming consequences of alprazolam addiction can come from how it affects others. Misusing the medication can cause even more problems for those around the addicts than for themselves. Sometimes, these consequences can be life-changing for not only the user, but also the people or persons in the line of fire.

How Alprazolam Addiction Affects Others

Alprazolam addiction can affect others in any of the following ways:

  • A co-worker who uses alprazolam may exhibit many inappropriate, job-interfering behaviors. For example, a person under the influence of alprazolam can become lethargic and disconnected very easily. This kind of reaction is troublesome to others in the workplace, as the user is not living up to her expectations. Instead, she removes herself from the environment, leaving others to pick up the slack that her addiction has caused. This can in turn leave co-workers feeling resentful of the user, as she abandons her duties.
  • Alprazolam can seriously change a person’s behavior, including cognitive dysfunction, decreased libido, anxiety, depression and poor memory. When living with family, a person under the influence of alprazolam can quickly become an extra weight on the members of the family, as he is no longer contributing to the function of the family as a whole. Panic attacks and depression can greatly impact others, as depression will remove the user from contributing to the flow of daily life. Also, anxiety can increase frustration to those around the user.
  • In public. A huge side effect of alprazolam use is increased violence and aggression. These behaviors can penetrate the lives of others as the user steps out in public. There can be many frustrating occurrences for people who are just doing their errands, standing in long lines or are bad drivers, as these can all trigger aggression in people who are completely sober, never mind someone who is abusing a drug. An alprazolam addict’s aggression can quickly turn violent, affecting those in the user’s path. This can cause car accidents, hurt feelings, physical harm and more problems for a person at the hands of an alprazolam user. Sometimes, people can lose their lives as a result of the user, as their violence may become life threatening.

Those surrounding an alprazolam user will experience the brunt of the problem. Whether as a residual effect of anxiety, depression, anger or lethargy, nearby people can be just as affected by an addiction even if they chose to be sober.

How to Recover from Alprazolam Addiction

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