Making the Decision to Quit Alprazolam

Making the decision to quit AlprazolamAlprazolam is the pharmaceutical name for the prescription substance commonly known as Xanax. Medicinally, it is primarily used for the treatment of anxiety disorders, panic attacks and moderate cases of depression. Because it is a member of the benzodiazepine family of drug, the use of alprazolam is commonly associated with tolerance, dependence and addiction.

Medicinally, many alprazolam addictions begin when a patient is prescribed a drug like Xanax. The body rapidly builds a tolerance to alprazolam. This means that if the drug is used for prolonged periods of time, the brain begins to counteract the effects of the drug. This is often done as a defense mechanism. Soon, the patient will need more frequent or higher doses of alprazolam to produce the same effect.

Tolerance often leads to dependence. A dependence upon prescription medications occurs when the patient begins to feel as if she needs the drug to feel normal. Tolerance often leads to a full-fledged addiction, one that has the ability to change someone’s goals, lifestyle and priorities.

It has been said that alprazolam is the most commonly misused prescription medication in the United States. As described above, many of these addictions and abuses are the result of prescription medications, but the drug is also popular among recreational drug users.

Although the drug is not manufactured illegally, many prescriptions make their way to recreational markets. When taken in higher than prescription doses, alprazolam produces feelings of euphoria. Other illicit uses of the drug include its use as a sleep aid or in conjunction with other controlled substances.

Making the Decision to Seek Alprazolam Treatment

An addiction to a controlled substance is rarely worth what it cost the user mentally, physically and financially. The longer an addiction is allowed to continue, the higher the doses will need to become to produce the desired effect, and the risk of overdose becomes very real. An overdose of alprazolam can produce harmful unwanted side effects like muscle weakness and coma, and can sometimes be fatal. It is important to know that while your addiction may make you feel alone, you are not. Making the decision to seek treatment in a quality rehab facility will bring you a step closer to a life free from an addiction to alprazolam.

Need Help Finding Recovery Solutions for Alprazolam Addiction?

If someone you care about is struggling with an addiction to alprazolam, we are available 24 hours a day at our toll-free helpline to help you find the recovery solutions you need. We can help, and can point you in the right direction to begin thinking about rehab options. Please call us today.

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