Native Americans and Alprazolam Use

Native Americans and Alprazolam UseAlprazolam is a powerful benzodiazepine drug most often marketed under the name Xanax. It helps users manage anxiety and panic symptoms by decreasing excitement in the brain. While it can be a helpful drug for individuals with anxiety issues, it is also a commonly abused drug, and alprazolam misuse can lead to addiction. Native Americans are at increased risk for alprazolam addiction, as Arizona State University reports that one in ten Native Americans use prescription drugs for non-prescription purposes as compared with one in twenty Caucasians.

Alprazolam Use Dangers

Drug abuse rates are on the rise, as the July 2013 issues of Drug and Alcohol Dependence reveals that between 2005 and 2011 Native Americans and people of mixed race experienced increased drug abuse rates. White and Native American individuals have the highest prescription-drug-related death rates, and according to the National Institutes of Health’s (NIH) “Drug Use Among Racial/Ethnic Minorities” American Indian youth start using drugs at a younger age than white youth. This same source reports that a study of past-month drug use found that Native Americans had the highest past-month drug use in all drug categories, with 11.3 percent of the surveyed population reporting such use. The next-highest drug use rates were among African Americans with 7.6 percent reporting drug use. Unintentional injuries, often associated with misuse of drugs like alprazolam or opiates, were the leading cause of death for American Indians in 1997. The NIH reports that 46 percent of AIDS cases among American Indians are the result of injecting drugs. While alprazolam is not typically injected, use of alprazolam may reduce judgment and lead to intravenous drug use. Native Americans are at increased risk for drug use, and therefore experience high rates of drug-related death and other negative effects of drug use.

Alprazolam Abuse Help for Native Americans

Culturally-relevant and specific treatment tracks offer the best options for alprazolam addiction recovery. Programs that tailor treatment to meet unique cultural and personal needs offer effective care designed for the individual. No path to addiction is identical, so no treatment option should be. Native Americans face unique cultural, genetic, and personal challenges when it comes to addiction recovery, and quality treatment programs will recognize and address these issues.

Find Culturally-Relevant Addiction Help

Call our toll-free helpline to learn more about addiction recovery programs that recognize the unique needs of Native Americans or other distinct cultures. Our admissions coordinators are here 24 hours a day to connect you to the resources that match your or your loved one’s unique treatment needs.

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