Playing Sports and Alprazolam Abuse

Playing Sports and Alprazolam Abuse

Sports and Alprazolam Abuse

Everyone who plays sports, professionally or recreationally, loves to find ways to improve her training, practice or game-time performance. Despite safety warnings and rules forbidding their use, the drive for improvement sometimes leads sportsmen to use drugs to perform better or work out longer.

Since it neither builds muscle nor increases energy levels, alprazolam is not a top choice for enhancing performance nor a primary target of sports agencies enforcing drug policies. Nonetheless, alprazolam does have effects which could appear beneficial in sports. Abuse of alprazolam, however, exposes athletes to its significant potential negative effects.

How Alprazolam Changes the Game

In medicine, alprazolam is prescribed for its ability to reduce anxiety and relax muscles. Athletes may try to benefit from these properties in ways which include:

  • Calm fear and anxiety – The mental aspect of many sports is crucial to success. Nervousness at game time can spell disaster. Extreme sports, motorsports and martial sports come with a real threat of serious danger. Alprazolam can make concerns about failure and danger fade away.
  • Reduce pain – Muscles may tense up or spasm after strenuous workouts or hard fought games. Alprazolam forces them to relax and eases muscle pain. Having this quick remedy enables athletes to work out harder than they might otherwise and recover quicker.
  • Ease off of other drugs – Other performance enhancing drugs have side effects that alprazolam can control. As a central nervous system depressant, alprazolam can begin to roll back the effects of stimulants once the game is over. It may also be taken against the anxiety created by steroid use.

Although some of these uses are similar to the way doctors sometimes prescribe alprazolam, people abusing the drug on their own may not understand the need for caution and limitation of use.

Dangerous Relaxation

The Dangers of Benzos

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Although alprazolam is commonly prescribed, it presents real dangers to athletes who use it to improve performance in sports. These threats to safety include:

  • Reduced alertness – Participants in dangerous sports rely on their preparation and skill to stay safe. Alprazolam, which is not recommended for anyone about to drive or operate machinery, can blunt the skills and alertness needed to avoid injury.
  • Addiction – The euphoric feeling created by high doses of alprazolam can encourage the repeated use of the drug and enable addiction to develop.
  • Overdose – Alprazolam slows down breathing and heart rate. High doses or use in combination with other central nervous system depressants can stop the heart.

Competitive athletes also risk consequences from violating the rules of their sport.

Make the Call

If you or a teammate is abusing alprazolam on the playing field, call our 24-hour helpline to learn more about treatment programs options. The call is toll free.

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