Preventing an Alprazolam Addiction from Getting Worse

Preventing an Alprazolam Addiction from Getting WorseAlprazolam addiction is not a problem that will fade away over time. This powerful prescription drug, marketed as Xanax, is a great help to many people suffering from anxiety or panic disorders. But when it is abused, it can put the user in danger that increases over time. It can even reverse its effects and suddenly leave the user with no way to sleep or relax.

Anyone who has begun to abuse alprazolam should learn about the painful and dangerous effects the drug can have.

Rock Bottom” Doesn’t Rock

Drug addicts sometimes believe that their addiction can be managed so long as they have not yet reached “rock bottom.” So long as things have not gotten as bad as they can get, so the reasoning goes, they can still maintain control over their drug use. They may even believe that this complete crisis is necessary before any recovery can begin.

This analogy doesn’t accurately describe alprazolam addiction at all. The detrimental effects of abusing alprazolam pile up slowly and steadily. The physical and psychological dependence grows stronger and deeper over time.

A better metaphor to understand alprazolam addiction would be a hole in the ground. The longer you dig, the deeper you get. And there may be no rock at the bottom at all.

Look Ahead

Instead of waiting for the addiction to fix itself by becoming too terrible to tolerate, try looking ahead at some of the terrors that alprazolam addiction promises to bring to the addict:

  • Painful skin rashes
  • Inflamed joints
  • Yellowing skin from impaired kidney function
  • Impaired ability to create memories
  • Emotional depression and irritability

If some of those symptoms have already begun to appear, the alprazolam user should imagine them getting worse over time, not better. The pain and suffering from the drug only grows with the dosages.

Every alprazolam user should also look squarely at one of the drug’s cruelest promises: paradoxical effects. Eventually, the mechanisms the body uses to tolerate alprazolam can go into a kind of overdrive. When this happens, taking alprazolam gives the user the opposite effects than expected. Instead of calm, the drug brings uncontainable nervousness Instead of numbness, it brings pain to the whole body. If you are an addict, who relies on the drug just to feel normal, this experience is terrifying and excruciating.

Use the Knowledge

Knowing what alprazolam has in store for your future may be enough to make you decide to quit, but that is only one step in recovery. If you have established any kind of dependence on the drug, you will almost certainly need some outside help to make the change you have decided on. Some places to turn for help could include:

  • Mutual aid groups. Addicts in groups like Narcotics Anonymous help each other recover from their drug addictions.
  • Drug counseling. A professional addiction recovery practitioner helps addicts to build new habits and motivations that enable their lives to function without drugs.
  • Inpatient recovery. A facility where addicts reside for 30 days or longer while receiving the medical and psychological care needed to prepare for a drug-free return to normal life.

Finding the right solution may take some research.

Changing Course

To learn more about what alprazolam addiction can do and how to keep it from getting worse, call our 24 hour helpline. We can talk about the options for helping yourself or your friend now rather than later. The call is always toll free.

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