Recover from Alprazolam Abuse

Recover from Alprazolam abuseAlprazolam is the most commonly misused benzodiazepine, a class of drugs that slow brain activity by affecting the central nervous system. Because of its tendency to lead to addiction in users, alprazolam is considered a Schedule IV controlled substance. An estimated one third of all patients using alprazolam for a year will have difficulty stopping use or experience uncomfortable withdrawal symptoms.

Alprazolam Long-Term Effects

The following are potential effects of long-term alprazolam use:

  • Artery damage may occur if the drug is crushed and injected, as alprazolam does not dissolve in water
  • Liver damage or disease may occur if alprazolam is used with alcohol or if overdose occurs
  • Cognitive problems can occur, specifically with short-term memory and concentration
  • Long-term alprazolam use may cause depression and behavioral changes in the user

Alprazolam Addiction Treatment and Rehabilitation

Alprazolam addiction treatment begins with detox, which is the process of ridding the body of all foreign chemicals. This is also when withdrawal symptoms occur. Most rehab facilities will use gradual detox, slowly lowering the alprazolam doses over a set period of time to wean patients off the drug. Gradual detox lessens the severity of withdrawal symptoms and prevents health complications from occurring. Residential rehab provides a safer environment for alprazolam detox, as medical professionals can monitor health and reduce chances for relapse.

Therapy is another key tool used by alprazolam rehabilitation facilities during recovery. Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) teaches addicts to recognize their drug habit for what it is and to modify their habits and behaviors that contribute to drug use. CBT and other forms of therapy show recovering addicts to manage possible relapse triggers in their environment and maintain long-term recovery.

Alprazolam addiction counseling comes in many forms. From group sessions to private meetings with a therapist, most types of counseling for alprazolam abuse can be personalized and may involve the user’s family or loved ones. Being a part of a support group for alprazolam recovery can bring encouragement, heartfelt empathy and peer advice from those going through similar experiences.

Recovery Time for Alprazolam Abuse

The time necessary for complete gradual detox is usually measured in weeks or possibly months, depending on the severity of addiction at the beginning of treatment. Substitution drugs, such as diazepam or clonazepam, may be used to aid in recovery. However, recovery should not be rushed, and extended recovery treatment is linked to greater long-term recovery success. Treatment time may also be extended to deal properly with rebound anxiety, which is when the anxiety alprazolam was prescribed to treat suddenly returns after stopping use.

Recovery time from alprazolam abuse is different from person to person. Celebrate your progress and be involved with your rehab program. Sticking with treatment, therapy and counseling sessions greatly improves your chances of preventing relapse. With effort, hope and participation, you can get clean and stay clean.

We Can Help with Alprazolam Abuse Recovery

Do you or someone you love need help recovering from alprazolam abuse? Don’t struggle with addiction alone, call our toll-free helpline today. We can answer any questions you have about drug use and recovery 24 hours a day! Don’t waste this opportunity to get clean and stay clean.

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