Seeking Alprazolam Addiction Treatment for a Loved One

Seeking Alprazolam addiction treatment for a loved oneAlprazolam is a drug which is often prescribed to treat anxiety and panic attacks. It is available under many different brand names, including Xanax. People may become dependent on alprazolam after using it to treat a medical condition, or they may use it recreationally for its relaxing and sedating effects. Sometimes people who use other drugs like cocaine or LSD use alprazolam to counteract some of those drugs’ results. Dependence on alprazolam can develop very quickly.

Signs of Alprazolam Addiction

Although it’s not always easy to recognize addiction in a loved one, there are signs to watch for. Once users have become dependent on a drug, they experience withdrawal symptoms when the drug is not regularly taken. Generally withdrawal symptoms are opposite in effect from the substance’s primary mechanisms of action. They are a result of the body “pushing back” against the effects of the drug. For sedating drugs like alprazolam, withdrawal symptoms are therefore stimulatory in nature. They include anxiety, sweating, tremors, muscle cramps, abdominal pain, vomiting, rage, and insomnia. In some cases users also experience seizures and psychosis.

When users become addicted to drugs, obtaining and using them become extremely important and they will go to great lengths to acquire them. Loved ones may notice that users go from doctor to doctor, trying to obtain enough alprazolam to meet the needs of their habit. Prescriptions may not last as long as they should. As drug use increases in priority, those close to people addicted to alprazolam may notice that they stop engaging in activities they once enjoyed. They may begin to neglect responsibilities or personal hygiene. Their group of friends may change.

Usually those who are addicted to alprazolam consume the drug orally, but sometimes it is inhaled through the nose (snorted). It is not usual for users to inject the drug, but when they do, it is very dangerous. It is also dangerous to combine alprazolam with alcohol, or other sedating substances.

Help in Getting Clean from Alprazolam

Withdrawal from benzodiazepine drugs like alprazolam is considered more dangerous than withdrawal from other drugs, such as opiates and prescription painkillers like heroin or oxycodone. In a treatment center, withdrawal will be fully monitored and supervised. Medications may be used to help manage symptoms.

Alprazolam addiction treatment includes counseling, education, and motivation. A quality program will also thoroughly assess clients for other physical and mental health conditions that should be treated simultaneously. Because alprazolam is often prescribed to treat anxiety, and because anxiety is also a withdrawal symptom, professional help is generally needed to help determine whether an underlying condition still exists, and how to best treat it, if so.

Finding Quality Alprazolam Addiction Treatment

We can help your loved one escape the trap of alprazolam addiction. Our toll-free number is staffed 24 hours a day with helpful and compassionate people who understand how easy it is to become addicted to a drug like alprazolam. There is hope and assistance and we can point you in the right direction. Give us a call today.

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