The First Step in Alprazolam Addiction Recovery

The First Step in Alprazolam Addiction RecoveryAlprazolam withdrawal is a painful, prolonged and even possibly fatal process if not managed correctly. Medical professionals and supportive circle of friends, family members and fellow recovering users can make withdrawal symptoms manageable and recovery and real possibility.

How to Quit Using Alprazolam

Most therapists and recovery professionals recommend gradually lowering alprazolam to limit and control withdrawal symptoms. This does not eliminate withdrawal symptoms, but this approach greatly reduces the chances of the more serious symptoms such as seizures and lessens some of the more moderate effects. This gradual reduction of use is not a fast method of recovery, and it can takes months or even longer to completely end alprazolam use.

Managing withdrawal symptoms by substituting other drugs for alprazolam is a fairly common practice. Alprazolam leaves your system fairly quickly after each dose, so some doctors will recommend switching to a drug like Valium which has a far longer half-life and can stay in your system for days. This will allow you to take far less of the drug, reduce use at a greater rate and not suffer from extreme withdrawal symptoms. However there are several negatives to such a method. This is just an extra step added to the gradual detox approach, because the dose of this substitute drug will still have to be decreased in a similar process. The substitution method can take even longer than gradually reducing alprazolam use. It also introduces the possibility of a substitute addiction or multiple addictions.

Any detox method requires professional supervision. Recovery professionals can monitor your symptoms and adjust your withdrawal plan to keep you as safe and comfortable as possible. They will also be there to address the psychological effects of withdrawal and recovery, and professional detox will provide a solid base for a drug-free future.

Manage Your Alprazolam Withdrawal Symptoms

Alprazolam withdrawal symptoms are physically and mentally challenging, and detox should not begin until you have proper care and guidance. If you need help ending alprazolam use and managing withdrawal symptoms, please call our toll-free number today. We are here to support you, talk with you and give you access to quality personalized information and resources.

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