The Relationship between Homelessness and Alprazolam Addiction

The Relationship between Homelessness and Alprazolam AddictionHomeless individuals are often faced with numerous hardships in everyday life which can lead them to the use of alprazolam or other substances in order to cope. Other people who abuse alprazolam can often become homeless once a lifestyle of addiction sets in. Addiction to alprazolam and other substances is more common among homeless people than any other group of people. Some of the different hardships that homeless individuals are often faced with that can lead them into substance abuse and addiction include the following:

  • Not being able to get proper medical treatment for various mental and physical health problems
  • No personal sense of security and are often exposed to random acts of violence and theft
  • Poor nutrition that leads to various health problems
  • Seeking refuge in homeless shelters can often be dangerous due to a high volume of desperate people
  • Commonly subject to being targeted by police and other authorities
  • Extreme weather conditions
  • Society often stigmatizes and ignores them
  • Unable to maintain proper hygiene can lead to various sicknesses
  • Mental and physical health problems cause difficulty in being able to work

Homelessness is often not a choice but a forced lifestyle for various reasons. Traumatic life events, severe mental health problems, and addiction to alprazolam and other substances are some of the most common contributors to homelessness. When mental health problems continue to go untreated and there are no family members or friends to ensure a person receives proper help, it can lead to homelessness. Traumatic life events can often trigger a pre-disposition to mental illness or cause an individual to turn to alprazolam for comfort. People abusing alprazolam regularly often become addicted which can lead to homelessness if the individual continues the abuse without seeking treatment. Some common reasons that can lead an individual into a lifestyle of alprazolam addiction and homelessness include the following:

  • Financial poverty
  • Divorce
  • Mental Illness
  • An abusive home
  • Post-traumatic stress disorder
  • A natural disaster
  • Unemployment
  • Release from prison after a long term sentence
  • Ineligible for social assistance
  • Domestic violence
  • Poor health
  • Physical disability
  • Dysfunctional family
  • Massive debt

While not all homeless individuals are addicted to alprazolam or other substances it is a common trait. Financial planning and budgeting with the help of a professional financial advisor can be essential to avoiding financial poverty and homelessness. Some other steps a person can take to avoid becoming homeless include the following:

  • Get proper insurance or government assistance for those that qualify to pay for medical bills
  • Seek proper treatment for mental and physical health problems as early as possible
  • Build a large support network of family and friends for assistance when money is tight or health is failing

There are numerous social services available to individuals who are already struggling with homelessness and seeking to come back. These services can aid an individual into qualifying and receiving financial assistance from the government. For those who are struggling with alprazolam addiction services can be offered to find proper treatment placement. These services can also aid in finding employment, managing money, and finding affordable housing.

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