Treatment for Alprazolam Addiction and Mood Disorders

Treatment for alprazolam addiction and mood disordersBecause alprazolam is typically prescribed as a treatment for anxiety and panic disorders, it is common for someone addicted to this drug to suffer from a mood disorder of some sort. While a mood disorder is often root cause of alprazolam use or abuse, a mood disorder can also be caused by the drug’s effects on the brain. Regardless of how the problems developed, both issues will need to receive professional treatment in order for the individual to achieve a lasting recovery.

How Does a Mood Disorder Lead to Alprazolam Use?

Alprazolam is typically taken for its ability to decrease abnormal excitement in the brain by those suffering with problems such as anxiety and panic attacks. It also produces feelings of euphoria and pleasure, making it a drug of choice for those wishing to mask symptoms of a mental disorder or escape from uncontrollable moods or feelings. While it can be effective when used as directed by a doctor, alprazolam is frequently misused by those wishing to self-medicate. Alprazolam produces an ever-increasing tolerance which will lead users to take larger or more frequent doses than are recommended. This overuse leads to physical dependence and psychological addiction.

How Can Alprazolam Use Lead to Mood Disorders?

Drugs such as alprazolam that affect the chemicals in the brain have the potential to not only exacerbate a preexisting mental disorder but to also induce new problems and symptoms. Alprazolam works by enhancing the effects of a neurotransmitter in the brain known as GABA. By doing this, it slows down or stops certain nerve signals and causes feelings of relaxation and calm. Alprazolam can also reduce the brain’s output of other chemicals leading to symptoms of depression. Long-term alprazolam users are particularly at risk for “emotional anesthesia” or the inability to feel pleasure or pain due to inhibitory effects on the areas of the brain that experience emotions. The good news is many of these disorders brought on by alprazolam use can be reversed when a person stops taking the drug and receives the appropriate treatment.

What Should Treatment for Alprazolam Addiction Look Like?

In order for a full and lasting recovery to occur, the alprazolam addiction and mood disorder must receive simultaneous integrated treatment or Dual Diagnosis treatment. This treatment should be overseen by a single group of clinicians or a single facility so that adequate emphasis on both issues occurs. Treatment for a Dual Diagnosis patient should be individualized and holistic, seeking to treat the alprazolam addiction and any area of a person’s life that might be contributing to the addiction. It should help a person get clean from alprazolam and also teach that person the skills and strategies needed to remain clean and manage his or her mood disorder. A happy and healthy life is possible after alprazolam addiction, but it will require help.

Do You Need Help with Alprazolam Addiction and a Mood Disorder?

Are you struggling to get free from alprazolam addiction but feel limited by a mood disorder? Please let us help you. Recovery can be a reality for you, and treatment may even be covered by your health insurance. Our trained counselors are available 24 hours a day to help you find the solutions you need, so please call our toll-free helpline now.

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